Say Aum to Wellness with ECHOyoga Shala

ECHOyoga altar table

It is my new mission to focus on my healing (from chronic migraine) and adapt a more holistic lifestyle. A month ago, I’ve been contemplating on taking up a yoga practice and have been asking friends if there is a center that can guide me as I address my migraine and weight issues (I need to lose at least 20 to 30 lbs to regain my strength and balance). And so, the timing couldn’t be more perfect when my friend Janice Lim of Roller Coaster Ride invited me to be one of the participants in last Saturday’s yoga session for bloggers. I am deeply honored and grateful to meet the wonderful people behind ECHOyoga Shala.  [Read more…]

My Sunday Watercolor Crafternoon

Last Sunday, I had the most fun and relaxing Watercolor Crafternoon with Alessa of Life After Breakfast. As soon as I learned about this workshop last month, I signed up right away! When I was a kid, I used to believe that I am creative with watercolor. But then, I grew up. I wasn’t child-like anymore. Good thing there are crafternoons like this. It makes you believe in the power of colors and imagination again. It reaffirms life’s simple joys.  [Read more…]

Expo Mom 2012 here we come!!!!

I’m an Earth-loving Momma and I’ll be going to ExpoMom!!!!


Cleanse the Juju Way

I’ve been wanting to try Juju Cleanse so I went to their site and FB page (again). Lo and behold, I learned that there’s a blogger giveaway at Trip or Treats!! 🙂 Hurray! It’s a Valentine’s Goodie Giveaway: Couples Juice Cleanse by Juju Cleanse!
I’m just so excited to join this! 🙂

So if you’ve been wanting to do your lovely body a favor and have been thinking of detox, why don’t you join this giveaway?

Hop on to Tips or Treats for a chance to win this giveaway! 🙂

I’m soooo excited! 🙂


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Top Moms launches today!

Hi there Moms! Meet Top Moms, your new online partner in mommy matters.

This new online community is filled with winning tips, exciting contests and important information that will help you cope with the challenges of parenthood.

What you will find in Top Moms:

(from the press kit)

Top Mom Bloggers: Read Top Mom blogs packed with useful advice, not only about raising your kids or taking care of your family but also about enriching your life both as a woman and a mom.

Dr. Anna Vazquez is a psychiatrist who is as passionate about raising her kids as she is about her chosen profession.

Dr. Empress Carlos-Villpando is a pediatrician and an all-around mom who shares her expertise in child rearing as a host on TV 5’s Alagang Kapatid and as a resource speaker for Moms Today Magazine.

What Kind of Top Mom Are you? Quiz – Know your parenting style and find out in what area are you doing wel and what needs improvement.

Photo of the Week: Share pictures of you and your kids. One of your pics may just end up as our Photo of the Week!

Question and Answer section: Need advice from other Top Moms? Do you have effective parenting tips to share? Here’s where you can interact with other community members and discover fresh insights about navigating the challenges of parenthood!

Join Top Moms today! 🙂

Pregnant Pause 2: A Talk for Modern Moms-to-be

Calling all moms and dads to be!

Urban Mom and Mommy Mundo is holding PREGNANT PAUSE 2: A TALK FOR MODERN MOMS-TO-BE at UCC Rockwell this February 4, 2012, Saturday starting 1pm.

They started this last year and it has already attracted quite a following among young, modern moms and dads-t0-be who want to be in the know in the latest trends in parenting and baby care, and the traditional practices as well. [Read more…]