I am from pompoms and buntings

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog’s new home. I’m so happy to finally finally write my maiden post after several months of hiatus. I’d like to start off my new blogging journey with a Legacy Poem that I learned from Toni of Wifely Steps. The poem’s universal title is Where I’m From and you can find it from Fragments from Floyd. I enjoyed making this poem so much as it’s a good exercise for writing and also cherishing memories.



Where I’m From

I am from pompoms and buntings and frostings.  From Avent, Next9, SaYa and Mommy Treats.

I am from the fourth floor shoebox unit and sometimes, in the mornings, cheerful birdsongs wake me up and I peek through the glass window, and I say hello to the world.

I am from the homemade birthday cakes and elephant sugar cookies.


I am from the pretty pink carnations, bright and sunshiny yellow gerbera daisies and dew drops, the cherry blossoms, fire trees and rainbows.


All images except 7 months pregnant me with the fire tree belong to Getty Images

I am from lounging on Sundays over Banana Pancakes, Better Together and How I Met Your Mother, and chasing bubbles, from Lyndon and Lyndel.

I am from the Sinulog family reunions and chilly star gazing on summer nights.

From reciting poems from my Dad’s poem list tucked in his wallet  and dancing to the beat of my Tatay’s (Lolo) rice mill and my Dad’s Petromax on brownouts.

I am from the whiff of french fries from Twinkies every Sunday after mass in Xavier, the scent of burning ashes and candles during High Mass and dawn rosaries, the Holy Week vigils in Hilongos with my Tatay and Lola.

I’m from Madonna & Child hospital, heavenly decadent chocolate cakes and kare-kare.

From the piano lessons, jazzy mornings and baking apple pies with my Mom, the Fra Lippo Lippi Sunday mornings, piggy-back rides and afternoon visits to the town port with my Dad.

I am from the photos on the piano top, late night stroll at the park with cousins on summer vacations, polvoron lessons with our Mama Nene, ice candy from Lola Caring’s store around the corner, sleeping on the veranda on summer nights.

I am from the cheerful box of treasured memories that embraces me with warmth and love, and when I get sad and lonely, I just open that box and all is well again.

That pretty much sums up my life so far. 🙂  How about you? What’s your story? Make your own legacy poem too! You can find the guide here.

Much love,



The Best of 2012 (in pictures)

I was browsing through my Facebook albums and I can’t help but sigh and think: “Lyndel grows so fast”. These photos below represent the best of 2012, although I still have to add more 🙂

For starters,

Christmas moments 2011

This was our Family Christmas dinner a year ago. Lyndel had just started being independent.

Rainbow Connection {wall art}

Despite the hectic schedules and marathon of events, I’ve been inspired lately. In my daily commute, I always find myself thinking of words, images and what to do with them. Just last night, before sleeping, I got inspired from one of my favorite songs, Rainbow Connection. Oh, how lovely it would be to come up with some wall art, mobiles and other things.
Using the last words of the song, I came up with this simple wall art. 🙂 My first wall art!
How about you? What inspires you these days? 🙂

Nappy Wars

I’m a cloth diapering mom but once in a while, I put my baby in disposables (especially when we’re out). I came across a certain brand – Parent’s Choice diapers that are so mura so I thought I’ll look it up and check how it is. Well, I learned that it does perform okay. I got that from other sites. But in this blog, there’s a riot among moms debating about the diaper emasculating their sons because of its designs. “It has hearts. it’s peach, it’s coral.” It all started with one post, and of course there were other perspectives. As you’ll scroll down, nag-aaway na talaga sila! I personally am with the the other perspective. [Read more…]