Super Trouper

Back in January to February, our family watched  Mamma Mia for weeks and we definitely caught a family Mamma Mia bug (aside from the extended Frozen bug, of course). Lyndel sang Chooper Trouper (Super Trouper) around the house and even requested it for his bedtime lullabye. My office buddy already asked me how long will I keep on singing Mamma Mia songs.  I’m kinda late in the game because I wasn’t able to watch this movie in 2008.  It was Mamma Mia overload! Even  until now, Lyndel stills sings some of the songs.

Why do I love this movie so much?

Mamma Mia

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 Easy on the eyes        

Everything looks and feels so serene, charming and enchanting. From the clear blue waters surrounding the island contrasting the white walls to the quaint blue shutters in Donna’s villa. It’s exactly the idyllic dream vacation that I have in mind. (I really wanted to post a photo below but I can’t seem to find one in the internet)  [Read more…]

Wisdom Fridays

Tales of the Unexpected

I was so ready to spend my morning in 10a Alabama to meet Apol Lejano-Massebieau and learn about Etsy and Beyond where she talks about How to Build a Creative Online Business. But then, as it turns out, the universe had other plans for me today. First, our yaya didn’t return in the morning as planned.  I prepared our breakfast of toast and scrambled eggs and iced coffee for me. After that, we decided that Daddy and Lyndel will tag along with me to 10a Alabama. It will be Lyndel’s first ever train ride. Just as when we were on our way out, Lyndel announced that he’ll make poopoo (yes, I know! Of all times right? haha) and so we waited for him and washed him up. I even tried to get away with the washing and offered wipes instead (hahaha) but my super maarte son won’t allow it. And so, by the time we finally went out, it was already five past 11!

I realized I wouldn’t make it to 10a Alabama anymore. Apol will be wrapping up the session by then.   When we were already at the train station, we just decided to stop at Araneta Cubao instead and head to Gateway. And here begins our unexpected adventure –  Lyndel’s awesome train adventure!!! 🙂 [Read more…]

You Are Your Child’s Best Teacher: A Workshop by The Learning Basket

Ever since I became a Mom, I’ve always been searching for blogs, resources and communities that educate parents on how to teach their kids. It’s even my dream to homeschool Lyndel! But that’s another post altogether 🙂 I am happy to share that there’s an upcoming seminar for parents this March 23 (Saturday). It covers the basics on how to support your precious tot’s development.

[Read more…]

The tale of the Sad Sunken Cupcakes

Let me tell you a story of the Sad Sunken Cupcakes. Once upon a Monday night, after work, I went to the grocery in search of the Maya cupcake mix. I really just wanted to try it for myself. And so I went and bought the cupcake mix and started baking.

It was doing okay, it was already starting to look like these cupcakes below.

But alas! When I started poking the center with a toothpick, it didn’t come out clean. What could have gone wrong? I gave them more time in the oven until they turned out to be sad sunken little things 🙁 [Read more…]

One Sweet Sunday

This Sunday afternoon was my alone time with Lyndel. His Yaya went Christmas shopping while Daddy went to Divisoria to check on something (Heck, he braved the Sunday Christmas shopping crowd! But that’s a different story)

Lyndel and I started our date over lunch. I just woke up from my once-in-a-blue-moon Sunday morning nap. I rustled up a quick lunch from whatever was available in our pantry (our grocery shopping was set in the evening!) I was actually pleased with the results of our super fast pasta dish. I used Century Tuna with Calamansi as the sauce and it turned out great! A light and refreshing lunch indeed! Here’s what I did: Sauteed garlic and onions, added the tuna, a dash of paprika and salt, and a pinch of chili flakes, tossed in the cooked pasta, and viola! Lunchy lunch! [Read more…]