MCNP Blog Carnival: Why Cloth Diapers?

Lyndel at 7 months

This post is written for the MCNP EB/Expo Blog Carnival with the theme “The Modern Cloth Nappy: The Practical Choice for Moms Today”  We aim to share and spread the knowledge and encourage moms to switch to cloth diapers.  Please scroll below to read the other carnival posts about switching to cloth, cloth diaper styles or preferred diaper for specific times. 

When I was 6 months pregnant with Lyndel, I made the decision to put him on cloth diapers. I actually found out about the cloth diapers by accident. I was browsing one of the online shopping site for baby products when I saw the Happy Heinys’ pocket diapers, it was love at first sight! (Super cute designs!) After that, I wore my research hat and read up more on cloth diapers.

So why did I choose cloth diapers over disposables? Let me list the ways.  [Read more…]

Our DIY Christmas

”I’m participating in the Spend-Less Holidays: Saving While Savoring the Season Blog Carnival, hosted by The Frugal Fil-Am and Dainty Mom. We’ll be sharing our tips on how to spend less this holiday season, so that we can have a more meaningful Christmas. Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries.”

Last year was our first Christmas in our new home. That means, new home = moving in expenses + renovations and other unexpected expenses. So naturally, when the holidays rolled in, we really didn’t have that much budget for any Christmas decorations, trimmings and all that jazz. But silly old me Chrissy-mas-tree never wanted to succumb to the no-holiday-cheer atmosphere in our home. Besides, it was Lyndel’s first Christmas (well technically second but last 2010 he was still in an infant so he wasn’t really aware of things yet) and I wanted it to be special for him somehow. [Read more…]