New Year, Stronger Faith

This was how I welcomed 2015. I watched the fireworks through our glass window alone in our room while the rest of the family went up to the rooftop and feasted on a 360 degree view of the whole metro. I told them I’ll just sit it out while they watch upstairs as I got tired preparing our media noche. But the truth was I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts, even just for a few minutes.

I was scared. A big change was coming. The start of 2015 was welcoming me with a big burly sack of problems on my shoulders. Becca, Lyndel’s Ate for the past years, left so she can pursue her studies. Mr. Husband on the other hand, had to look for another job as he had already left his job of 7 years. He was supposed to go into a very promising business that he already set up but things didn’t work out with his partner. I was so scared of what might happen to us. I panicked thinking how our home management will go. I panicked how long can we survive on a single income household. I panicked on how I will be able to parent Lyndel with all these worries.

I reveled at the stillness of the new year. I took a deep breath and said a prayer and cried and cried.

This first quarter happened like a blur. I can’t believe it’s already March and I survived it. We already have a new help around the house (finally). We’re still job hunting and praying for it. As I look back on what happened the past months, I am truly grateful that He has guided me and picked me up when I was down. God held me and comforted me and I felt his reassuring presence. He sure plucked me out of my comfort zone, scared me out of my wits. But now I realize that all these is a part of His grand plan for us.

Losing Becca may have meant that it was time for me to be more hands-on with Lyndel. I must admit, Becca helped me a lot in molding Lyndel to be who he is now – a caring, thoughtful boy. He had to take Becca away so I can stand on my own, even if I’m so busy at work. Maybe God is saying: “it’s your time to really shine Momma”. I still haven’t made sense about the job-hunting part. But maybe I really don’t have to. Maybe I just really need to trust the process, trust Him. Completely.

Update: As of April 1, we are back to being a help-less household again.


I am excited about what will happen next. I can’t wait for His plan to unfold. ☺️

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My little school boy {First Day High Stories}


Today was Lyndel’s First Day in School. I’m thankful that Becca and I have been discussing Lyndel’s logistics for weeks now that when I got home last night, all his school essentials were already packed and set aside. Well, all except for Lyndel’s snack box which was my assignment. I was also happy that Lyndel was already inside the room, getting ready to sleep at 8pm – he fell asleep at around 8:45pm or so. It was a good start for us, coming from a kid who usually sleeps at 10pm. As working parents, we had our reasons for keeping Lyndel late at night as that was the only time we could play, read stories, sing songs etc. As Coach Pia Acevedo said in last year’s Expo Mom, it’s okay for young kids with office-working parents to sleep late just so we can bond. Anyway, he doesn’t have to get up early the next day. But now, things will be a little different as Lyndel needs to wake up at 6am everyday.

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Say Aum to Wellness with ECHOyoga Shala

ECHOyoga altar table

It is my new mission to focus on my healing (from chronic migraine) and adapt a more holistic lifestyle. A month ago, I’ve been contemplating on taking up a yoga practice and have been asking friends if there is a center that can guide me as I address my migraine and weight issues (I need to lose at least 20 to 30 lbs to regain my strength and balance). And so, the timing couldn’t be more perfect when my friend Janice Lim of Roller Coaster Ride invited me to be one of the participants in last Saturday’s yoga session for bloggers. I am deeply honored and grateful to meet the wonderful people behind ECHOyoga Shala.  [Read more…]

Random cuteness

Here’s a photo post to start the week! 🙂

Magnum, oh Magnum!

To the moon and back! {Father’s Day Post}

I know a lot has happened last August. But before I even post L’s birthday and the other stuff, allow me to share this first 🙂

June 17, 2012
On this year’s Father’s day, we were stuck at home because of the bad weather. I prepared some treats for our Dad Extraordinaire but there’s just one missing element: the cake!! I was panicking because we can’t go to Eastwood to my suki gourmet market vendors. Anyway, here’s how the day went.

Our Father’s Day buntings. In our household, a celebration always calls for buntings! 🙂 [Read more…]