The 7 baby B’s – What Attachment Parenting Is

I have here the Basic Principles of Attachment Parenting from Dr. Sears> πŸ™‚
Attachment parenting is a style of caring for your infant that brings out the best in the baby and the best in the parents.


The way baby and parents get started with one another helps the early attachment unfold. The days and weeks after birth are a sensitive period in which mothers and babies are uniquely primed to want to be close to one another. A close attachment after birth and beyond allows the natural, biological attachment-promoting behaviors of the infant and the intuitive, biological, caregiving qualities of the mother to come together. Both members of this biological pair get off to the right start at a time when the infant is most needy and the mother is most ready to nurture (see Bonding)
“What if something happens to prevent our immediate bonding?”

Sometimes medical complications keep you and your baby apart for a while, but then catch-up bonding is what happens, starting as soon as possible. When the concept of bonding was first delivered onto the parenting scene twenty years ago, some people got it out of balance. The concept of human bonding being an absolute “critical period” or a “now-or-never” relationship was never intended. Birth bonding is not like instant glue that cements the mother-child relationship together forever. Bonding is a series of steps in your lifelong growing together with your child. Immediate bonding simply gives the parent- infant relationship a headstart. [Read more…]

Babywearing Lyndel

“Baka di sha makahinga?” “Sinasanay mo sa karga?”

These are just some of the questions that I encounter whenever I’m wearing Lyndel (I use a SaYa carrier, by the way) and I just answer them them with a smile on my face. πŸ™‚ I’ve had enough of these unsolicited comments from well-meaning and not so well-meaning people. And honestly, I don’t got bothered by their comments anymore because I know babywearing is good for me and my baby.

I enjoy wearing Lyndel and he does too! Whenever he has his crying bouts, I put him on the SaYa and he calms down and sometimes goes to sleep in no time. [Read more…]