My little school boy {First Day High Stories}


Today was Lyndel’s First Day in School. I’m thankful that Becca and I have been discussing Lyndel’s logistics for weeks now that when I got home last night, all his school essentials were already packed and set aside. Well, all except for Lyndel’s snack box which was my assignment. I was also happy that Lyndel was already inside the room, getting ready to sleep at 8pm – he fell asleep at around 8:45pm or so. It was a good start for us, coming from a kid who usually sleeps at 10pm. As working parents, we had our reasons for keeping Lyndel late at night as that was the only time we could play, read stories, sing songs etc. As Coach Pia Acevedo said in last year’s Expo Mom, it’s okay for young kids with office-working parents to sleep late just so we can bond. Anyway, he doesn’t have to get up early the next day. But now, things will be a little different as Lyndel needs to wake up at 6am everyday.

Here’s a quick checklist the night before your kid’s first day in school:

  • Pack away his school things and make sure all are in good condition
  • Make sure he has a change of clothes, socks, underwear and pack extra cloth wipes
  • Prepare his uniform and shoes
  • Double check your umbrella and make sure it’s working, in case it rains the next day
  • Tuck in your child earlier and remind him that tomorrow is his first day in school
  • Breathe and contain your excitement
  • Pray that all will be well


So, where was I? Oh ya, first day of school, right! So this morning, everyone woke up extra early. I prepared Lyndel’s snack box of egg salad sandwich, mini chocolate cupcakes, lemon circles and raisins. Some people commented that I packed for a two-day baon. Well I say I go for variety. And besides, it’s still a road test. I’ll know what works and what doesn’t after the first day. And true enough, I did! Tomorrow, I’ll be making some changes.


This is the group during snack time. I was peeking thru the glass window to check if Lyndel can manage opening his snack box as we practiced and he did! Great job Lyndel! I learned that adding in some raisins doesn’t do good to the equation. Since raisins are his favorite, what happens is that he spends a lot of time savoring those chewy little things, giving him less time to eat the more substantial items on the snack box. So, no more raisins for tomorrow (or indefinitely).


Believe me when I say that I did the eavesdropping without Lyndel knowing that I was following them with my ipad. True story! Well, I was invisible until this picture below happened! Lyndel caught me looking behind the glass window and he jumped and laughed and laughed told the teacher: “That’s my Mommy, that’s my Mommy!”


After their snack time, they fell in line and brushed their teeth, one pupil at a time. It was fulfilling to watch him brush his teeth on his own. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Let me end this post with a recap of what happened today ๐Ÿ™‚


Love and laughter,



  1. First day of school is always exciting and nerve-wracking for the kids…and the moms! No matter how grown up they are, first day will always be a first day!:) Thanks for sharing your day with Lyndel! Made me miss my kids preschool days and teaching in preschool!

    • Chrissy Caballero says:

      Hi Maricel, thanks so much for dropping by ๐Ÿ™‚ I really took a leave from work yesterday just to be with him and I wanted to observe their activities. I thought I will be teary-eyed the whole time but to my surprise, I wasn’t. I think seeing Lyndel so at ease in his new environment eased that Mommy anxiety out of me ) I am so looking forward to attending their school activities.

  2. Have a great school adventure with Lyndel! ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun, fun,fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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