Of buntings and homemade cakes {A Father’s Day post}

Our Father’s Day celebration this year went on without a hitch! I think it’s getting better and better each year!  Lyndon wasn’t surprised anymore as he knows that in our house, not a celebration goes by without these staples:
  • charming celebration banners
  • homemade cake
  • ceremonial gift-giving

This  year’s Father’s day gift is extra special as Lyndel was really hands-on with the decorations. Just look at the photos below. 🙂

More pictures!
Daddy and Lyndel wrestle on the couch
                        Our Father’s Day cake made with love and er, fingerprints?



Daddy, thank you so much for protecting us, making us laugh, holding our hands when we’re scared, wiping our tears when we’re sad.Thank you Daddy for being patient with me and Lyndel. Thank you Daddy, my classmate in this never-ending school of parenting, marriage, love and life. Lets’ always share notes 😉 *wink*We love you! 🙂

How about you? How did you celebrate Father’s Day? 🙂

Take care and have a lovely week ahead!


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