The tale of the Sad Sunken Cupcakes

Let me tell you a story of the Sad Sunken Cupcakes. Once upon a Monday night, after work, I went to the grocery in search of the Maya cupcake mix. I really just wanted to try it for myself. And so I went and bought the cupcake mix and started baking.

It was doing okay, it was already starting to look like these cupcakes below.

But alas! When I started poking the center with a toothpick, it didn’t come out clean. What could have gone wrong? I gave them more time in the oven until they turned out to be sad sunken little things 🙁

I failed to remember that I added strawberry yogurt in the batter, for added flavor, and I because I just wanted to.  But I didn’t take that into consideration when I popped those cupcakes in the oven! As I recall now, perhaps that modified recipe really didn’t have the capacity to have a “toothpick comes out clean” kind of thing because it has yogurt in it. So much for experimentation, eh?

But this Girl with the Baking Spoon did not give up just yet. I made buttercream frosting and got some sprinkles from the cupboard. And ta-dah!!!

There’s nothing that a yummy buttercream frosting and sprinkles cannot fix 🙂
So there goes the tale of the Sad Sunken Cupcakes. They didn’t turn out to be so sad after all!


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