One Sweet Sunday

This Sunday afternoon was my alone time with Lyndel. His Yaya went Christmas shopping while Daddy went to Divisoria to check on something (Heck, he braved the Sunday Christmas shopping crowd! But that’s a different story)

Lyndel and I started our date over lunch. I just woke up from my once-in-a-blue-moon Sunday morning nap. I rustled up a quick lunch from whatever was available in our pantry (our grocery shopping was set in the evening!) I was actually pleased with the results of our super fast pasta dish. I used Century Tuna with Calamansi as the sauce and it turned out great! A light and refreshing lunch indeed! Here’s what I did: Sauteed garlic and onions, added the tuna, a dash of paprika and salt, and a pinch of chili flakes, tossed in the cooked pasta, and viola! Lunchy lunch!

We were midway through our lunch date when I realized I should capture these moments. Here are some photos 🙂

Light yet flavorful! I’ll make this again!

And here’s my guest of honor, eating on his own. He even propped himself to the chair when he saw me setting the table. “Mommy, eat”

After our happy lunch, Lyndel decided to make some clay wall art. I helped him with the shapes while he pressed the clay on the wall.

Ta-dah! Our masterpiece!!

And after our art session, Lyndel took a nap curled in my arms. What can I say, it was pure bliss. 🙂

How about you? How did your Sunday go? 🙂


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