Dreaming about my craft station

Only a few friends know this. I have an up and coming decor and accessories line for nurseries and kids rooms. I remember fully well early this year when I was starting on my designs – I’d sneak out of our unit just to create my crafts. I had to do that because I have a super curious toddler and I won’t have any work done when he’s around. There was a time when I camped out of our unit with all of my tools and materials. But it was such a pain as I always had to go back inside when I needed to: use the glue gun, use the flat iron, or work on a proper table.I must have a proper craft station.

 These days, I find myself wandering to craft sites and pinterest and dream about my craft station. This photo below is my first option 🙂 Paging Lyndon, this is my dream craft station 🙂 hehe

Source: bhg.com via Christine on Pinterest

My other choices

Source: bhg.com via Christine on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Christine on Pinterest

Happy weekend! 🙂 xoxo

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