To the moon and back! {Father’s Day Post}

I know a lot has happened last August. But before I even post L’s birthday and the other stuff, allow me to share this first πŸ™‚

June 17, 2012
On this year’s Father’s day, we were stuck at home because of the bad weather. I prepared some treats for our Dad Extraordinaire but there’s just one missing element: the cake!! I was panicking because we can’t go to Eastwood to my suki gourmet market vendors. Anyway, here’s how the day went.

Our Father’s Day buntings. In our household, a celebration always calls for buntings! πŸ™‚

Father’s Day buntings
Red Ribbon delivery saves the day!!!!! πŸ™‚
Lyndel and Daddy with the cake πŸ™‚
Lyndel all smudged up with icing
Daddy reads a book while L watches Agent Oso

And here’s our main event! We woke up Daddy early in the morning to watch this πŸ™‚

So what are the lessons learned from this event?

– Sneak around to make your slideshow video (I invented excuses from Daddy just to make this avp, hahaha)
– Personalize your details. (I did so with the buntings and cake toppers)
– When it rains dinosaurs, it’s not the end of the world. That’s what delivery service is for!
– And lastly, take better photos!!! My photos are so bad, I should’ve at least used our trusty digital camera and not the crappy camera on my BB. ;(

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