My Super Organized Closet and Dresser

Writing this post took a lot of courage on my part. Courage and acceptance that I don’t have control in all aspects of my life. I also embrace vulnerability in posting these pictures of my domestic mess. I always wanted to be dubbed as the organized Mom. But sadly, I haven’t been for a while now.
Ever since we moved to our new home, I really haven’t had the time and chance to organize things, to make a home for everything. EPPE as they call it – Everything in its Place, a Place for Everything. I have ideas but I always end up feeling uninspired maybe due to lack of the right storage implements. And these days, no matter how I try to organize our stuff, they always end up in a messy pile because they have to be placed on top of the other so that my son can’t reach them. You see, my son Lyndel who is turning two years old this month, loves to “inspect” all my stuff and go through them as if he’s a detective. Haha. I’ll take you to a mini tour.  Just take a look at my lovely dresser here.
If I leave a jar of cream or anti booboo balm lying around, I can expect an empty jar within a matter of minutes. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the space is really cramped. We do try to designate a space for everything but it always ends up in this super messy pile. 🙁 Plus the fact that I’m quite challenged coming up with ideas for storage, it’s a recipe for disaster!
And what do we have here? This is a part of our closet. That basket below my husband’s clothes are my ukay ukay stuff. That’s supposed to be be a dumping basket for my daily  things. But lately, ALL random stuff have been dumped there and it has been giving me headaches!
I really need intervention! A Howards Storage World intervention, that is. And if I win this contest, I commit to be an efficiently organized Mommy. That’s for sure! That’s quite a strong statement to make, don’t you think? 🙂
Universe, pretty please 🙂
love love love

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