My ZALORA Wishlist

As a new Mom, I’m still on the process of getting my groove back. Yes, I know, my boy turning two, maybe you’d think, why only now? Well, it happens 🙂 On the fitness front, I am happy to report that I have lost 10 lbs and counting since March 23. (Yes, there’s an exact date hehe). And in light of that recent development, I always find myself nowadays browsing for new threads, accessories and shoes. I lurk mostly in online shops because I see that they are more edited when it comes to choices. There isn’t an ugly piece of clothing in sight. And also,  I feel that it gives me the chance to mull things over before actually buying.Hey, it’s not like those days when I was still single when I can buy anything I can afford on a whim. I’ve recently stumbled upon Zalora ever since they joined Facebook in January and I’ve been stalking their site ever since.
This summer, Zalora is giving us mortals the chance to update our wardrobe without breaking the bank. All we need to do is come up with our wishlist. I feel like a kid in a candy store! Weeee! :)Here’s my wishlist:
Plains & Prints 
Khaki Olsen sleeveless over lapping deep v-cut playsuit 
with pockets and garterized waistband.
I  just love playsuits and jumpsuits. This would be a nice casual getup while catching up with my girl friends while sipping tea. If I were still breastfeeding my son (he weaned at 15 months), this will be a lovely addition to my breastfeeding wardrobe.
My Dress Room 
Purple sleeveless criss-cross drape dress with gathered center skirt.
Just look at this beauty! I can so see myself wearing this dress on a date night or any special occasion 🙂 With nice heels and accessories to boot!
Holster Twilight Jelly Wedge in size 7
 with Sparkly Acrylic Jewels on the Strap
Have you ever had that experience when you saw something in a shop and you couldn’t part with it? You couldn’t stop thinking about it, it haunts you in your sleep. Meaning, you JUST GOTTA HAVE IT! I felt that again with this Holster wedge. I’ve always searched for the perfect bejeweled flats for me and I think I’ve met my SOLEmate! I guess I’d have to endure sleepless nights before the awarding 🙂 And if I won’t win, someone would have to give this to me as a gift hahahaha. So universe, pretty please? 🙂
Crocs Hover Lace Up
Comfy. No frills. Classic. Enough said 🙂
And lastly,
Cienta Basquet Velcro Marine Blue
Blue canvas velcro shoe with velcro straps. White rubber toe and sole.
This is for my little boy Lyndel who loves to walk walk and walk 🙂 I once met the Cienta people in Mommy Mundo bazaar last November.  Even if I didn’t buy a pair that time (there weren’t enough choices for boys then), I made a mental note to get Lyndel a pair simply because I like the shoes and the Cienta owners. So there 🙂
What are you waiting for? Head on to Zalora and come up with your own wishlist! Shopping was never this fun and easy! 🙂
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  1. I love Zalora. The ordering process is easy and hassle free.

    • Chrissy Caballero says:

      Me too! 🙂 Their customer service is super ok too 🙂 And the delivery kuyas so friendly.

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