One Fine Saturday

Last Saturday (Jan 14), Lyndel attended his first session of My Masterpiece Movement’s Super Saturday. Super Saturday is a creative playgroup for kids and Lyndel belongs to the Splots (1-3 y.o). He had loads of fun as he played and sang with his new friends.

Check out Lyndel and his fellow splots in action!

Hey Mommy, look at me and my new friends!
Meet river! (at first, Lyndel was given the flower friend but he gave it to Charlie)


Music time

Look at me play the egg shaker!


Painting time

But I don’t want to wear this 🙁

This is how artists do it!

Till the next Super Saturday!

Aren’t they the cutest? 🙂

You can find more information about My Masterpiece here:


MMM’s Super Saturdays FB page

How about you? What did you do last weekend? 🙂


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