Nappy Wars

I’m a cloth diapering mom but once in a while, I put my baby in disposables (especially when we’re out). I came across a certain brand – Parent’s Choice diapers that are so mura so I thought I’ll look it up and check how it is. Well, I learned that it does perform okay. I got that from other sites. But in this blog, there’s a riot among moms debating about the diaper emasculating their sons because of its designs. “It has hearts. it’s peach, it’s coral.” It all started with one post, and of course there were other perspectives. As you’ll scroll down, nag-aaway na talaga sila! I personally am with the the other perspective.

To quote Kaylyn,

Exactly right! This is why society is horrible and why so many things are negative. I can’t believe you are complaining about a HEART. Get over it. If your kids are embarrased to wear a heart, it is probably because you put that thought into his head. Let the children decide for themselves and quit sheltering them by making everything negative.

This is such a hilarious exchange on diapers. Good thing I’m just a part-time disposable user. tut tut.

You can access the link here.

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