Project Breastfeeding Portrait

Last night, Ninang Jaqui, Lyndel and I had our long-awaited homemade photo shoot for our breastfeeding portrait. In as much as we wanted to have it done perfectly, our very busy and active baby won’t give us that satisfaction 🙂 He’s so into the camera. By that, I mean he loves to hold it, play with it, take the pictures himself maybe? :)When he is nursing and he hears the camera click, he stops and either roll over, crawl or stand to get the camera. Silly little boy 🙂 Ninang Jaqui even went camouflage and tried to shoot photos stalker-mode! These are the best possible outputs that we could get.

After that, I called it a night and said: “Okay pack up na ang shoot”. And then Daddy joined in the fun! Ninang Jaqui still continued clicking away and here’s what we got:

Mommy asking Lyndel to behave

I love this! This is a classic!
Lyndel Einstein!!!

I know this is kind of an overload. Please let me indulge me for now, I’ll improve on my next photo entries 🙂

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