Lyndel’s 9th month

Lyndel is 9 months old today. At 9 months, he is very intent on feeding himself. He eats three meals and two snacks every day. (Golly!) He can eat a whole banana and half of a mango. I am super proud of his “social eating” (i’d like to call it that) skills. When I let him try something new, he sometimes makes faces – either it’s sour, bitter or weird for him. But he eats it anyway, and goes on for seconds, thirds, and so on. This little guy even already tasted ampalaya (my favorite).

Since 7 months, he has also been very active. He runs around his playpen, lifts himself to stand. We are so proud of him. And at most times, perhaps he thinks he’s a dice being rolled around in his playpen. He falls and climbs up again happily. I’m really thinking of getting him that Thudguard already. My only apprehension is that he sweats a lot, he might just get irritated by this head contraption.

He has been very talkative as well. He listens to our conversations. One thing that has been very constant is his inquisitive behavior when he’s feeding. When we’re alone, he just feeds quietly. But the moment his dad, yaya or ninang comes in, he stops and lifts his head and says “hey” (in baby lingo)

He smiles a lot and sings inside the church.
He now has a favorite animal – the elephant (which makes it his official birthday theme). He also loves butterflies and loves riding carousels.

Lyndel, my baby! Mommy always get teary-eyed, you are growing up so fast.

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