Lyndel and the carousel

Last Sunday, it was just me, Lyndel and yaya Manilyn. (Daddy had to work) After our usual Sunday mass, we strolled a bit and sampled on the goodies at the Eastwood Mall’s Gourmet Market (It’s on the 2nd level, lots of yummy goodies).

Now, I’ve always seen the carousel on the third level but it just didn’t occur to me to have Lyndel ride on of the horses. Manilyn wanted to stay a bit and watch the street dance contest in the mall open park. So while Lyndel and I were roaming around, I thought of giving him a bit of adventure. And so we rode the carousel! 🙂

Honestly, I got a bit dizzy. I forgot that as a kid I never rode carousels. I didn’t really like them. But I just went for that carousel ride with Lyndel. I hope he enjoyed it. Well, the photos show serious Lyndel but after the ride, he laughed with glee. :p


  1. My kids love carousels. Me – not so much. I am glad that now I can let them go without me on the small ones.

  2. Yes, let’s allow them to be their own person 🙂

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