Donating Breastmilk

I’ve always wanted to donate my milk but I never seem to have extra supply. But late one night, while I was walking towards SM Megamall to ride the shuttle, I chanced on a young Mom with a toddler and a sleeping baby. There was a small crowd of ladies gathering over them, giving alms. When they eventually left, there was another woman who kept telling the Mom, “Ibigay mo na lang sa akin yan. Uuwi ako bukas sa probinsiya” (Give me the child, I’m going back to our province tomorrow)

The baby was asleep and he doesn’t look quite well. πŸ™ I asked the Mom, if he’s sick. She then told me that he just goes hungry most often. She breastfeeds but her milk supply is not enough. When I asked her what she feeds him as supplement, she said she feeds him Bear Brand. πŸ™ My heart was torn. How could this tiny baby’s tummy take a milk powder not formulated for infants? πŸ™ (Later on when I told my Mom about it, she said it’s a common situation).

I asked her if she has a feeding bottle with her, good thing she had one. Hastily, I took out one via cup of my milk from my Fridge-to-Go and poured it into her feeding bottle. My eyes were almost welling up with tears but I just controlled it.

I left them feeling much overwhelmed with emotions. I’m so happy that I was able to donate my milk, while at the same very sad of their plight. πŸ™ I pray that they won’t stay out in the cold anymore.

Here’s their photo:


  1. What an AMAZING story of human kindness! I applaud you!!! Bravo!

  2. Thank you Martine! That was really a very humbling experience for me πŸ™‚

  3. Gosh your story made me cry! I’m so proud of you Mommy Chrissy! It’s so selfless to offer a complete stranger the milk you pumped hard during your work day for. When I see her, I’ll give mommy treats and the advice that she should stop feeding her child formula and just direct feed (since even malnourished moms are capable of making milk better than formula).

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Brava! You truly deserve a standing ovation with this heroic and selfless act. πŸ˜€

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