Dear Lyndel

Hi My baby love,

Days from now you’ll be 6 months old already. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. You have grown to be such a happy baby, always singing and babbling 🙂 You have already started on solids with much joy. We are so amazed by your interest for food.

Also, you have been taking interest with everything that surrounds you. You are this bubbly baby who always wants to experience the things around you. We even call you our little chismoso baby because even while feeding, everytime Mommy is talking to someone about something interesting, you always stop and look up, wide-eyed, as if to ask for more details. This just brings us to fits of laughter!

We (daddy & mommy)are so excited for our adventures together! I’m sure we will be learning a lot from you, the same way that you’ll be learning a lot of things from us. 🙂

Happy birthday baby love love! 🙂


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