My little school boy {First Day High Stories}


Today was Lyndel’s First Day in School. I’m thankful that Becca and I have been discussing Lyndel’s logistics for weeks now that when I got home last night, all his school essentials were already packed and set aside. Well, all except for Lyndel’s snack box which was my assignment. I was also happy that Lyndel was already inside the room, getting ready to sleep at 8pm – he fell asleep at around 8:45pm or so. It was a good start for us, coming from a kid who usually sleeps at 10pm. As working parents, we had our reasons for keeping Lyndel late at night as that was the only time we could play, read stories, sing songs etc. As Coach Pia Acevedo said in last year’s Expo Mom, it’s okay for young kids with office-working parents to sleep late just so we can bond. Anyway, he doesn’t have to get up early the next day. But now, things will be a little different as Lyndel needs to wake up at 6am everyday.

Here’s a quick checklist the night before your kid’s first day in school:

  • Pack away his school things and make sure all are in good condition
  • Make sure he has a change of clothes, socks, underwear and pack extra cloth wipes
  • Prepare his uniform and shoes
  • Double check your umbrella and make sure it’s working, in case it rains the next day
  • Tuck in your child earlier and remind him that tomorrow is his first day in school
  • Breathe and contain your excitement
  • Pray that all will be well


So, where was I? Oh ya, first day of school, right! So this morning, everyone woke up extra early. I prepared Lyndel’s snack box of egg salad sandwich, mini chocolate cupcakes, lemon circles and raisins. Some people commented that I packed for a two-day baon. Well I say I go for variety. And besides, it’s still a road test. I’ll know what works and what doesn’t after the first day. And true enough, I did! Tomorrow, I’ll be making some changes.


This is the group during snack time. I was peeking thru the glass window to check if Lyndel can manage opening his snack box as we practiced and he did! Great job Lyndel! I learned that adding in some raisins doesn’t do good to the equation. Since raisins are his favorite, what happens is that he spends a lot of time savoring those chewy little things, giving him less time to eat the more substantial items on the snack box. So, no more raisins for tomorrow (or indefinitely).


Believe me when I say that I did the eavesdropping without Lyndel knowing that I was following them with my ipad. True story! Well, I was invisible until this picture below happened! Lyndel caught me looking behind the glass window and he jumped and laughed and laughed told the teacher: “That’s my Mommy, that’s my Mommy!”


After their snack time, they fell in line and brushed their teeth, one pupil at a time. It was fulfilling to watch him brush his teeth on his own. :)



Let me end this post with a recap of what happened today :)


Love and laughter,


Super Trouper

Back in January to February, our family watched  Mamma Mia for weeks and we definitely caught a family Mamma Mia bug (aside from the extended Frozen bug, of course). Lyndel sang Chooper Trouper (Super Trouper) around the house and even requested it for his bedtime lullabye. My office buddy already asked me how long will I keep on singing Mamma Mia songs.  I’m kinda late in the game because I wasn’t able to watch this movie in 2008.  It was Mamma Mia overload! Even  until now, Lyndel stills sings some of the songs.

Why do I love this movie so much?

Mamma Mia

Image source:

 Easy on the eyes        

Everything looks and feels so serene, charming and enchanting. From the clear blue waters surrounding the island contrasting the white walls to the quaint blue shutters in Donna’s villa. It’s exactly the idyllic dream vacation that I have in mind. (I really wanted to post a photo below but I can’t seem to find one in the internet)

The charming cast        

Critics can say what they want about how  some of the cast members are unfit for their roles but I don’t care. To me, they are wonderful, charming, funny and all the nice adjectives I could think of!


Image source:

And of course, the music. As I said earlier, our whole household was in an ABBA LSS for the longest time. I also love how the characters break into a song naturally. It doesn’t sound forced to me (unlike the 80s Filipino musical movies with tacky song numbers and awkward dance routines)What I love most is Donna and the Dynamos’ Super Trouper performance during Sophie’s bachelorette party. I particularly love this line:

Tonight the
Super Trouper
Beams are gonna blind me
But I won’t feel blue
Like I always do
‘Cause somewhere in the crowd
There’s you

Believe it or not, everytime I watched the movie and it came to that scene, I always felt a lump in my throat (if not teary-eyed). I have felt such a strong connection with this scene because I felt the powerful love between Sophie (Amanda Seyfried)  and Donna (Meryl Streep). From the way they looked at each, from the way Sophie looked when Donna sang the last line: ‘”‘Cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you”. And there’s the unspoken feeling of loneliness know that one will leave the other as Sophie starts a new chapter in her life.

As you can see in the photo below, Donna is gingerly applying nail polish on Sophie’s nails. This somehow reminds me when first-time Moms bathe their  babies, change their nappies, feed them, play with them and so on. This scene somehow signifies Donna’s longing for her daughter who is getting married and will possibly make a family of her own. It’s as if Donna is somehow wishing for time to stand still so she can take care of Sophie just the way she did for the past 25 or so years of her life. But of course, as with everything in life, things change, kids grow up and leave the house to start their own lives.

Image source:
Image source:

Maybe this really gets to me because I’m already a Mom now and I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by your love to your child. What makes me more emotional about this is my realization about how my Mom gave up everything for me: she had a rising career in Makati Med when she had me but she gave it all up just to look after me. While I was growing up, I never knew that story. All I knew was that my parents moved back to Mindanao after they had me. I just learned a few years ago that the big reason for their big move was ME. Looking back, I’ve realized how great a parent’s love is and how it possesses such a great power in molding a child.

I always pray that God will always guide me to the best parent that I can be to my son (and hopefully future daughter or another son). I am so grateful that my parents raised me to the best person I could possibly be and I’m paying it forward by striving to be a good example to my child.

 How about you? What’s your favorite movie these days? 


Friday Fabulous Five {Week 1}


This is a compilation of my weekly work week finds. During lunchtime and breaks, I often check blogs, sites or videos to help me recharge or give me that much needed creative boost. The Friday Fabulous Five will contain (but not limited to) the following:

  • a DIY project idea I’m soooo itching to make
  • a recipe that I’d love to try sometime
  • a new style or trend
  • an artwork that I love
  • a photo that hits close to home
  • a video that moved me (Believe me, I often cry in my cubicle after watching a viral video. My teammates are already used to this)

So it’s basically a round-up of all of my favorite things every week. Since I sometimes have a lot of those favorite things, I have committed to limit it to just five for each week. Actually it has a lot do with me posting on a Friday and I just want to have a nice play of words hahaha.

So (drum roll, please) make way for my first Friday Fabulous Five ever!

1. Pretty chairs on Instagram

I have been dreaming of my ideal chairs for our home and in my mind, I always see dainty windsor chairs. These lovely chairs below are IT!! :) I could also do with brighter colors like coral, turquoise, aqua and sunshine yellow.


2. 500 + activities for kids by Artful Parent

I was scrolling down my friend Ivy’s Facebook page when I came across this link. 500+ activities for kids found in one source! :) Tell me, what’s cooler than that?


Image source:

3. Groom and Mom’s surprise dance number

Again, this is another Facebook find. As I posted on my timeline, I promised, errr, threatened Lyndel that he better be prepared 25 years or so from now because we are definitely topping up this Mom and Groom dance number!

4. Hydrangea Cake by I Am Baker

No words. No words. All I can say is that I look forward to learning the techniques in frosting a cake like this. STAT!


Image source:

5. Crafty People Unite

I actually chuckled when I saw this on Instagram from FabricsManila. I.Can.So.Relate. Even the materials used in this photo speak out to me. I can never forget my collection of fabric markers when I was young. That was kinda my thing back then. I fabric painted everywhere like crazy!


So there goes my first Friday Fabulous Five. I’m looking forward to doing this again next week.

Happy weekend! Toodles! :)

Say Aum to Wellness with ECHOyoga Shala

ECHOyoga altar table

It is my new mission to focus on my healing (from chronic migraine) and adapt a more holistic lifestyle. A month ago, I’ve been contemplating on taking up a yoga practice and have been asking friends if there is a center that can guide me as I address my migraine and weight issues (I need to lose at least 20 to 30 lbs to regain my strength and balance). And so, the timing couldn’t be more perfect when my friend Janice Lim of Roller Coaster Ride invited me to be one of the participants in last Saturday’s yoga session for bloggers. I am deeply honored and grateful to meet the wonderful people behind ECHOyoga Shala.

EchoYoga Shala logo

Here’s a background of ECHOyoga Shala:

ECHOyoga is the wellness side of ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle, the green retail store. ECHO means Empowerment Care Health and Oneness. Jeannie Javelosa co-owner of ECHOstore has been teaching yoga for close to 15 years, and with her co-teacher Marilen Elizalde, launched ECHOyoga five years back, offering weekly and corporate classes. Today, the two certified yoga teachers bring their passion for holistic living through yoga in a new space called ECHOyoga Shala, located in Kalayaan Avenue, behind Rockwell in Makati.

ardha chandrasana JEJ

“Launching ECHOyoga Shala in a new space is for me, a natural extension and addition to support ECHOstore’s philosophy of a sustainable lifestyle. Yoga is my disciplined practice that holistically connects the Body, Mind and Spirit.” – Jeannie Javelosa
Photo courtesy of ECHOyoga Shala

Len twisting

“Yoga has always been my grounding that brings me to my center, especially with my life as a busy mother, homemaker and wife. Through teaching yoga, I expand my awareness and can share this beautiful practice with many.” – Marilen Elizalde
Photo courtesy of ECHOyoga Shala

Their core values: Empowerment, CareHealthOneness

What I love about ECHOyoga Shala is that their space not only conducts yoga classes. They offer a holistic approach to a sustainable lifestyle, strengthen community collaborations and bring a deeper understanding of yoga practice. This is exactly what I need! The main aim of their classes  is for students to “develop a strong healthy Body, a steady focused Mind, a compassionate Heart“. Their teaching philosophy is grounded on the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga seeking to “develop the inner change so outward action can manifest in a constructive and sustainable life lived with meaning.”

The Shala interiors
Photo courtesy of ECHOyoga Shala

It is open daily, from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm with five daily classes, weekend schedules and workshops plus a daily early morning Self Practice space. Yoga in all its varied expressions will be offered to beginners, intermediate and advanced students classes like Gentle Flow, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Power Yoga.

ECHOyoga Shala’s thrust to go beyond just the physical practice of yoga as exercise includes sessions on Meditation, Breath Control (Pranayama) for distressing, and even “Off the Mat” community talks are led by certified and trained yoga teachers, with international experiences. Other offerings include counseling and life coaching sessions, and body-energy work therapies.

If yoga is to be embraced for a sustainable lifestyle, ECHOyoga Shala’s classes, sessions, workshop, community talks are sequenced and offered to guide the students in their yoga practice and discipline to develop a strong healthy Body, a steady focused Mind, a compassionate Heart. The ultimate goal is the development of a personal Self-Practice and tools that can be used for a deeper appreciation of life.


Our group had the Gentle Flow. All of us felt energized, rejuvenated and a bit sore at the same after the session. But we all agreed that it was a great session and we want to have another session again. As for me, I just bought my own yoga mat earlier and I can’t wait for it to be delivered! (Note: I bought it online to minimize the stress of going to the mall. Or shall I say, to minimize the risk of buying other non-essential stuff at the mall).


Our group with Teachers Jeannie, Marilen and Evelyn
Photo courtesy of ECHOyoga Shala


Here we are doing the savasana pose
Photo courtesy of ECHOyoga Shala

Jeannie upavishta

Jeannie doing the upavishta pose
Photo courtesy of ECHOyoga Shala

Jeannie says:

  • Yoga is not a competition
  • Just listen to your body and give it time to open up
  • Give yoga a chance by committing to it for at least two months
  • Whatever we learn in yoga, we can apply it in our everyday lives. The basic breathing technique alone can help us in a lot of everyday scenarios – getting impatient sometimes with things, having too many tasks at hand etc.

“there should be no demarcation between the yoga mat and life”

Thank you so much ECHOyoga Shala for opening your doors to us and sharing your yoga philosphy!

EYS teachers 1

The ECHOyoga Shala teachers
Photo courtesy of ECHOyoga Shala


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos courtesy of ECHOyoga Shala

For those of you who are are interested, ECHOyoga Shala offers not just yoga classes but also acupuncture, reflexology and counselling. Below are some of their upcoming workshop schedules:

AWAKENING THE SUBTLE ENERGY BODY (these were March workshops which will be repeated April and May due to request of students)

The Friday night sessions are special one-off workshops for both beginners and practitioners willing to go deeper in their experience of “being” human and alive. The sessions are created to awaken the energies of the subtle bodies:

  • Pranayama and Meditation
  • Sound and Meditation
  • Chakra Cleansing Meditation
  • Manifesting through the Chakras
  • Yin Rhythms and Meditation

ECHOyoga Shala’s DEP (Deepening Education Programs)
April and May / Saturday afternoons /4-6 pm (Or unless otherwise scheduled with the teacher)

  • Program A: Reiki (in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Japanese tradition) Level 1 and 2
  • Program B: Reiki Level 3 (Mastership Program)
  • Program C: The Beginner’s Mindfulness Series


A shout out to all Moms! They are offering Kids Yoga (ages 6-10 years old) this May 6 – 29
It’s a fun and unique way to spend summer afternoons of May /Tuesday & Thursdays, 3 – 4 pm

Package fee of Php 4,000
Early bird rate of Php 3,800 if signed in on or before April 15
Drop in rate: Php 500 per class
Eight sessions that will help kids ages 6-10 years old:

  • breathe – tune in a focus
  • have fun – be creative and playful with friends
  • balance – feel posed, composed and alive
  • stand – become stable, strong and grounded
  • forward bend – reach release and flex
  • back bend – be supple, open and trustful
  • partner – have fun working together
  • time in – unwind, rest and revive

To be led by Teacher Marilen Elizalde: Marilen is first a mom with three children, then was a Middle School teacher and is now, a certified Yoga Instructor. Allow Marilen to transform an hour into a session of insight, loving action, playful stretches and spontaneous heartfelt joy.

Package of Eight Classes are being prepared for May




Visit the ECHOyoga Shala at

3rd Floor, Steps Dance Academy Building
8465 Kalayaan Avenue (behind Rockwell)
Barangay Poblacion, Makati City

For more information, you may reach them through these options below:

Landline: (02) 956.7119
Mobile: 0906.5063958
Facebook: ECHOyogaShala
Twitter and Instagram @ECHOyogaShala



I am from pompoms and buntings

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog’s new home. I’m so happy to finally finally write my maiden post after several months of hiatus. I’d like to start off my new blogging journey with a Legacy Poem that I learned from Toni of Wifely Steps. The poem’s universal title is Where I’m From and you can find it from Fragments from Floyd. I enjoyed making this poem so much as it’s a good exercise for writing and also cherishing memories.



Where I’m From

I am from pompoms and buntings and frostings.  From Avent, Next9, SaYa and Mommy Treats.

I am from the fourth floor shoebox unit and sometimes, in the mornings, cheerful birdsongs wake me up and I peek through the glass window, and I say hello to the world.

I am from the homemade birthday cakes and elephant sugar cookies.


I am from the pretty pink carnations, bright and sunshiny yellow gerbera daisies and dew drops, the cherry blossoms, fire trees and rainbows.


All images except 7 months pregnant me with the fire tree belong to Getty Images

I am from lounging on Sundays over Banana Pancakes, Better Together and How I Met Your Mother, and chasing bubbles, from Lyndon and Lyndel.

I am from the Sinulog family reunions and chilly star gazing on summer nights.

From reciting poems from my Dad’s poem list tucked in his wallet  and dancing to the beat of my Tatay’s (Lolo) rice mill and my Dad’s Petromax on brownouts.

I am from the whiff of french fries from Twinkies every Sunday after mass in Xavier, the scent of burning ashes and candles during High Mass and dawn rosaries, the Holy Week vigils in Hilongos with my Tatay and Lola.

I’m from Madonna & Child hospital, heavenly decadent chocolate cakes and kare-kare.

From the piano lessons, jazzy mornings and baking apple pies with my Mom, the Fra Lippo Lippi Sunday mornings, piggy-back rides and afternoon visits to the town port with my Dad.

I am from the photos on the piano top, late night stroll at the park with cousins on summer vacations, polvoron lessons with our Mama Nene, ice candy from Lola Caring’s store around the corner, sleeping on the veranda on summer nights.

I am from the cheerful box of treasured memories that embraces me with warmth and love, and when I get sad and lonely, I just open that box and all is well again.

That pretty much sums up my life so far. :)  How about you? What’s your story? Make your own legacy poem too! You can find the guide here.

Much love,



Wisdom Fridays: Dreams